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Good Grinding

Hello Smokin Gun fans.

   A topic we are often asked about is what is the best grind size to use and how much coffee to use.  So first we need to know what type grinder the customer has and which method of brewing that they are using.  Surprisingly there is lots of confusion over grinding and what type of grinder to use.  Freshly ground coffee and  the aroma it produces when your in the coffee shop is something we all want to create  at home. So, here’s where it all begins once we’ve bought those precious beans.

   Many times we figure that we can use any old grinder, whip up some beans and brew some great coffee.  I wish it were that simple.  The worst grinder we can possibly use is that standard blade grinder you have in the cupboard.  This just chops up the bean and allows for no extraction of all that goodness.


The grinder above is the typical blade grinder you will see in most cabinets. 



The only grinder that is truly made for grinding coffee is a burr grinder.  This type grinder gives a uniform grind of coffee allowing for maximum extraction when it comes in contact with water.  You can use either an electric or a hand crank if you relish the workout it will give you every day.  The Cuisinart electric burr grinder retails for less than $50 on Amazon and has settings from fine to coarse allowing you to grind from fine for Espresso to course if you’re making Cold Brew. A hand crank grinder has the same ability to adjust your settings and is handy when camping or if the electric goes out like here in Texas during storm season. 

Once you have the correct grinder for your fresh roasted beans it’s time to get the correct grind on for your brew method.  For the most part a medium grind will get you by if you’re brewing pour overs or drips.  If you have an AeroPress you will want a slightly finer medium grind and a little more course grind for a pour over.  When all else fails refer to the chart we included as a reference.  Different coffees and blends will need to be tinkered with to fine tune your coffee to your taste.  Also don’t forget that when brewing by hand with your pour over’s, French Press or AeroPress have your water temperature at or around 203 degrees.  Filter your tap water for best taste to take the chlorine out as well.  It seems like a lot, but for Champion Coffee Brewers like yourself it’s all part of the process. So happy grinding and make some great coffee. 

Thanks for reading.