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  • Continuing the Mission

    We know a thing or two about veterans because we’ve seen a thing or two being veterans. Our mission statement is to provide high quality coffee...
  • Coffee from the South Pacific

    Hello Smokin Gun coffee drinkers.  If you’re a fan of one of our favorite coffees, Texas Blend, then you might be a fan of travel and exotic places...
  • Women farmers in Guatemala

     In Guatemala, coffee has long been a male dominated industry and gender equality remains a challenge. It’s very difficult for women in Guatemala to compete  and thrive in the coffee world.  La Morena was created to showcase the work of women farmers across Guatemala.

  • Sustainable Coffee

    What is sustainable coffee production? In America it's a word used more and more that we hear the talking heads pontificate about on TV.  But what ...
  • Blended Coffee vs Single Origin

    For many coffee drinkers when we go down the store aisle to get our coffee supply for our daily fix, we’re assaulted by at least a couple dozen dif...
  • Your morning cup of Joe.

    If you're a coffee drinker it's a good bet that your morning cup of Joe has some Colombian origins in it. Colombia is the world's number #3 producer of coffee and arguably the producer of some of the worlds best coffee that is mass produced for consumers. Most of us remember the commercials touting "Mountain grown" and
  • Profiling great coffee from Guatemala.

    Roasters and consumers prize Guatemala’s round chocolate and brown sugar cup profile. It is little wonder that coffee is the country’s biggest indu...