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Your morning cup of Joe.

If you're a coffee drinker it's a good bet that your morning  cup of Joe has some Colombian origins in it.  Colombia is the world's number #3 producer of coffee and arguably the producer of some of the worlds best coffee that is mass produced for consumers. Most of us remember the commercials touting "Mountain grown" and drink the coffee "Juan Valdez " hand picked for you.

With Colombia being the second most bio diverse country in the world it's no surprise at the wide variety of coffee's produced and the complexity found in a cup of Colombian coffee. Now I'm not talking about the mass produced stuff found in supermarkets  throughout the country.   Those coffees are made up of the lower quality beans, roasted for mass market production with a large percentage of Robusta, a bitter bean with lots of  caffeine to meet the generic market demand.

The kind of complexity and flavors I'm referring to are only found in coffee where  roasters  purchase quality beans and roast for a particular profile to bring out the best in the bean.  Does it cost more.  Of course.  But if you want cheap go to the local gas station.  Make sure you drink it hot. We all know how "great " convenience store coffee tastes when it cools off. 

So why do I like Colombian coffee?  It forms the base for many of our coffees because of the quality and flavors in the cup makes it an ideal starting point.   Colombia has 16 coffee producing regions and has two harvests per year ensuring a reliable supply of coffee for roasters.

Our favorite is the  Huila El Tiple Supremo. It was sourced from small, family-owned farms throughout the Huila department. The El Tiple line of Colombia green coffee is named for the Tiple, an instrument, used in traditional Colombian music. Our El Tiple coffees make crowd-pleasing Colombia coffees for use in blends, as accompanying coffees, or as single-origin, solo coffees. With tasting notes of Cherry, Chocolate and Almond it's great all by itself. So check out our selection of coffee from our signature blends to our single origin offerings and you'll become a fan of the "Taste of Colombia".

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